In American high schools, there are 6-7 classes a day and at the beginning of the year in every class, the teachers pass out copies of Class Expectations and tell the students what is required or expected of them in their classes, such as homework requirements, quizzes, midterm exams, final exams, projects, reports, and grading scales. American teachers here can decide their own grading methods In addition to the items listed above, performance assessments are usually included. There performance assessments consist of: 1. Group Projects, a few students work together and discuss to complete a difficult homework assignment. 2. Oral Reports or Exhibits, after a thorough study on a certain subject, through oral presentation or an exhibit, students share their level of understanding with others. 3. Written Essay, answering or expressing opinions through writing. 4. Experiments, usually in a field of science, such as, biology, chemistry, etc.


Of course some teachers, in order to encourage their students, will offer some extra credit points. Therefore, by actively working hard, a student can realistically achieve good grades. Most of the time, teachers will send the grades home to the parents on a report can or they will post the grades o-line. They will also be willing to thoroughly explain why a student received an A, B, or C.


Many exceptional students have GPAs that are higher than a 4.0 because they are taking honors or AP classes. Typical way of calculating GPAs is: A is 4 points, B is 3 points, and C is 2 points.




How can you assist your child in achieving better grades?

l  Assign everyone in the house some chores that must be completed in a set time. Help them to develop an idea that “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

l  Have a set schedule for daily activities to develop good habits.

l  Homework must be finished before playing computer, watching TV or going out to play in orer to develop sense of responsibility.

l  Compliment children’s academic achievements to motivate them.